Our Philosophy

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Our Investment Philosophy

Our approach to investing is concentrated, long-term and contrarian. Adhering to this discipline creates our “edge.” We pride ourselves on being a hardworking, honest and results orientated partner who is always easily and readily accessible.

As contrarian “value” investors, we prefer to take the road less travelled. Not to be different, but because that is where an investor can truly have an edge.

Many investment managers have a short-term focus and are under intense pressure to perform in-line with benchmarks or indexes. As a result, events that may occur 3-5 years in the future have little utility to the typical portfolio manager.

We believe that extending one’s investment time horizon can materially reduce risk and help identify outsized investment opportunities. Over time our sense of long-term only seems to get longer.

Our sweet spot is finding misunderstood investments where near term issues cloud the long-term view. This allows us to compound capital for years to come, often in a tax advantaged manner.